Year of the Cat (Carroll Bryant)


This book came into my awareness when I was directed to this review:

The review is not particularly notable. It’s a short I-did-not-enjoy-this-book-and-here-is-why, and if I had encountered this review and nothing more, I would have thought, ‘Huh, that book doesn’t sound like my taste. I don’t think I’ll read it.’

What is notable is that the author of the book left a comment on the review accusing the reviewer of various flavors of dishonesty. I don’t consider such comments a bad thing, in and of themselves — there is certainly plenty of historical precedent with authors or actors or what-have-you writing pointed and scathing responses to critics (example) — but there’s a world of difference between sending off a letter to the editor or a professional reviewer and posting a comment in a minor social blog. I feel at best Bryant’s comments were in poor taste and at worse they were unprofessional.

Regardless of Bryant’s intentions, his exchange has formed my private opinion that I do not wish to ever give this author any of my money, or anything further of my time.

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sleeping tangled kittens
the still, warm house—
how I mourn to leave

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